windshield repair UV curing flashlight
windshield repair UV curing flashlight and suction cup holder
UV curing flashlight and suction cup holder on glass pane

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ClearShield Supplies Auto Glass Repair

Of every piece of equipment we've tried, the one we've tried the most (and frankly are still trying to improve) is the curing lights. A curing light is essentially a black light (UV light) that, when used on resin, causes it to harden. Without curing the resin, the repair does nothing.

We've tried UV lights with all sorts of variations: plugging into car vs battery-operated, suction vs no suction, cordless vs cord, large vs small even other torch type UV lights that look similar to this but none of them were able to get the job done like this one. This is the best UV light we have tested and the one that we use and here is why:

  • Portable (cordless): No cord makes it far less of a hassle to cure the resin. Grab it from your toolbox, place it over the break, and let it cure.
  • Suctions to the windshield: No need to hold it for a minute to cure. You can suction it to the windshield and walk away. There is a suction cup mounting bracket included
  • Affordable: It's a very affordable light.
  • Durability: Small easy to use and can even be dropped without breaking.
  • 365 nanometer for fast resin curing
  • It comes with battery installed and ready to go. Takes just one AA battery which can last for over 250 repairs

Overall, this is our preferred UV light.