Collection: Windshield Repair Resins

Top Quality Resins make all the difference in performing clean, long-lasting windshield repairs. At ClearShield we are one-stop-shop for all your auto glass repair needs and bring to you best-in-class products at the best price. Our auto glass repair kits come with both the all-season thin resin and the durable pit sealer. We also offer these resins in individual bottles or in larger bulk bottles depending on your needs. Whether you are a fleet manager or offer windshield repair services to your customers, our windshield repair products will allow you to quickly complete professional-level repairs your customers will appreciate.

Unparalleled experience
We have a simple goal with our line of auto glass repair kits, bridges, resins, and supplies – to provide you with top quality products at a great price. The resin included in our auto glass crack repair kit has undergone exhaustive laboratory testing and has excelled in all benchmarks of quality. The equipment and supplies we sell have been fully vetted for quality and durability-We use all the supplies and equipment ourselves in over 1000 of our retail locations! We won’t sell what we won’t use.  We take pride in the fact that these resins along with our auto glass repair bridge have become a preferred choice of windshield repair companies and professionals in the United States, Canada and parts of Europe.

Whether you are looking for auto glass professional bridges or windshield repair resins there is one name you can fully trust –ClearShield. It is the trusted choice for thousands of clients across different countries in the world.

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  • bottle of clearshield supplies thin resin
  • 15 ml bottle of clearshield supplies pit sealer resin
  • Resin Multi pack ( bottle of each ) ClearShield Supplies Auto Glass Repair Windshield Repair Products