cordless windshield repair drill and charger
cordless windshield repair drill

Windshield Repair Drill (and Collet)

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When repairing a windshield, one of the scariest parts can be putting the drill to the windshield. This is the only place where your skills can only go so far. A good drill helps make sure have full control, so you don't drill too hard, or too far.

That's why this drill is our preferred drill. It's slender design makes it very easy to cradle in your hands, ensuring you have full control over the drilling process (Check out this picture).

Many mistakes are made when using a drill, and when I hear about a windshield getting "cracked out" (the chip spreading across the windshield), a drill is typically involved. That's why a drill like this makes sense. 

And while it gives you good control, it also has just the right amount of power. There are two settings on this drill: "Low" and "High". Turn it on "high" and it will run at just the right speed.

We've seen these drills at stores 3 years after sending them. And while they had their share of grime and grease, they still worked great. We've found the battery will go out far before the motor. A new battery ever few years and you'll use this for thousands of repairs.

Another tip is that these drills typically need special sized collets (the things that attach to the drill to hold the small drill bits). This depends on the drill bits you use, but if you are using ours (and most others), you'll need a collet as well. We've got you covered here. We send every drill with a collet already installed.

For the super detailed, the drill is 4.8 V.