Professional Plus Windshield Repair Kit [1,000 Repairs]

Professional Plus Windshield Repair Kit [1,000 Repairs]

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When it comes to a good windshield repair kit, we look for 3 things:

  1. Fast - It must get the job done quick so we can service the most customers
  2. Durable - It has to withstand even the most novice technician
  3. Affordable - It can't be outrageously priced (like most are)

After struggling to find a fast, affordable and durable kit for our retail locations, we decided to build one for ourselves. We've used this kit to supply over a thousand of our retail locations for our claims processing and windshield repair training services. After several requests we are now packaging and make it available to you.

With this kit a good technician can get a simple rock chip repair done in less than 7 minutes. This means more customers and happier customers.

The kit will last about 1,000 repairs, but can extended to thousands more with our kit extender packs. 

What's in the kit:

  • 1 Tool Box 
  • 1 Repair Bridge (Injector)
  • 56 Inner O-Rings
  • 28 External End Seals
  • 30ml Thin Resin Bottle (5 Bottles)
  • 15ml Pit Sealer Bottle (5 Bottles)
  • 500 Curing Squares
  • 1 UV Lights
  • 50 Razor Blades
  • 1 Drill Set (Drill, Battery, and Charger)
  • 1 Collets
  • 100 Drill Bits

What's the difference between this kit, the Professional Kit and the Ultimate Kit?

While this kit does as many repairs as the Ultimate kit (1,000), the Ultimate kit comes with two bridges (injectors), two UV lights, and two drills. This allows you to repair multiple chips at once, or have two technicians working at the same time. However, this kit is the most economical if you're ok with repairing one chip at a time. It allows you to do many more repairs than the 200 that the professional kit allows.