windshield repair UV curing light
UV Curing Light
UV Curing Light
UV Curing Light
UV Curing Light
UV Curing Light

UV Curing Light

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Of every piece of equipment we've tried, the one we've tried the most (and frankly are still trying to improve) is the curing lights. A curing light is essentially a black light (UV light) that, when used on resin, causes it to harden. Without curing the resin, the repair does nothing.

We've tried lights with all sorts of variations: plugging in to car vs battery operated, suction vs no suction, cordless vs chord, large vs small.

This is a great light because of the following:

  • Portable (cordless): No chord makes it far less of a hassle to cure the resin. Grab it from your toolbox, place it over the break, and let it cure. 
  • Suctions to the windshield: No need to hold it for two minutes to cure. You can suction it to windshield and walk away. If you've ever used one without a suction, you'll know this is essential.
  • Affordable: It's a very affordable light.