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Pit Sealer Resin 0.5 oz Windshield Repair Tools ClearShield Supplies

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After injecting thin resin into a windshield chip, the next step is to insert a thicker resin, often called pit sealer, into the pit (the hole where resin was injected). This thicker resin protects and seals the repair, ensuring that no outside elements can penetrate the surface.

We've used a lot of pit sealers in the past, some that were too thick to pour, and others to thin to protect. This pit sealer is thick, but workable, and creates a strong and durable seal for your repairs. We use this pit sealer in all our retail locations.

This 15 ml bottle (.5oz) will last approximately 200 repairs.

Technical Info:

  • Shear Strength of 3,400 PSI
  • Shore Hardness of 80D

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