How long does it take to repair a cracked Windshield?

First and foremost, depending on the severity of the crack, the size and type of crack you have will depend on how long it takes. As a general rule of thumb if you're working on a real clean Bullseye break Like this:

Bulls-eye Break

Bulls-eye break windshield


These can take between 5-20 minutes or more but the average is around 5-10 minutes.   

A clean break like this is not as common as you think and many are more complex in nature and take a longer time to correct.  

If Bullseye breaks aren’t the most common, then what is?

If you’re a veteran or just starting out with your Windshield Repair business, you’ll notice that combination brakes are probably the most common type of break out there, which is basically a combination of a star break and a bullseye.   

It looks something like this:

Combination Break

Combination Break

These types of breaks usually take between 10-30 min.  Standalone star breaks take the same amount of time time fix.  

Star Break

Star Break

For more complex cracks like long cracks it depends:

  • Equipment
  • Weather
    • Is it too hot or too cold?
  • Skill level of the technician
    • How quickly you mount
    • Your efficiency in threading action
    • Strength of vacuum for a quicker fill which means less cycles needed for repair

These between 15 minutes and 45 minutes.  

Long Crack

Long Crack Windshield

We have a number of kits available to get your repairs down to a science and with our training that is included with all kits, you’ll be an expert in no time.  Clearshield’s high-quality gear is state-of-the-art which means your repair times are shortened to help you get more business through the door.